TL;DR: Very Good. Next time roll biscuits thinner & use cold water to bring dough together. Make 1.5 time the filling. Wait a full 24 hours for the biscuit to hydrate.


One of three cakes for Christopher’s birthday. Faire wanted to make a cake too, and she made a rainbow crepe cake filled with custard creme and topped with whipped cream.

For the biscuit it seemed like there was no way it would come together in any way that was remotely like anything other than slightly damp sand with the only liquid being the single egg. So I added a second egg, which may not have been the best choice? Possibly just a bit of water, or some oil would have been better?

The resulting biscuit came together and i was able to roll it out, but the cooked consistency of it was less dry, and I think it inhibited the moisture absorption somewhat. But maybe I just needed to roll them thinner.

Secondly, I think it needed a higher filling to biscuit ratio. Probably this was my own fault, since I wanted more layers so I used a smaller cake pan and had two more layers to my cake. However, now that I look at the math, that only increases the surface area to be covered by 10%, which is less than I’d initially predicted.

Let’s do math

  • surface area of 9” round => 63.6
  • surface area of 8” round => 50.2

Note: because the top layer gets apricot, not filling, the total filled layers is n-1.

  • total surface area with 6 - 9” layers is 63.6*5=318.0
  • total surface area with 8 - 8” layers is 50.2*7=351.4

Anyhow, math interlude over, the cake was delicious. Extremely rich. Almost as good as I remembered it.